Esempi di Architettura International Research Center EdA | Esempi di Architettura International Research Center was founded in 2015 by the will of its founders and the main purpose is the promotion and the valorization of interdisciplinary and dialogue between the “creative sciences” i.e. those activities that require an intellectual application and whose production, material and immaterial at the same time is characterized by particular values of content (art, architecture, music, literature, the anthropic landscape, the human sciences).
Istituto Nazionale Sostenibile Architettura Istituto Nazionale Sostenibile Architettura (National Institute of Sustainable Architecture) intends to develop, deepen, disseminate and raise public awareness on issues related to the environment, health and safety of man in respect of the integrity and enhancement of places, promoting the territory, according to an ethical vision of equity, solidarity and sustainability. It aims to promote the civil responsibility for the preservation of the culture of the territory and for the recovery of social and collective identity; any action to promote educational, popular, documentary and advisory purposes about the ways of living according to the criteria of sustainability, understood in all its forms; and cultural exchanges through pilot projects, scientific and technical studies, printing of publications, organization of conferences, round tables and exhibitions, together with the dissemination of literature in the field in the disciplines of Sustainable Architecture, Restoration and Conservation Program, comparing experiences borrowed from different territories and cultures, proposing changes in urban planning and landscape, development of environmentally sustainable models of recovery and restoration in the emergency plans and environmental, working with the authorities responsible for protection.
MDA – Mediterranean Design Association MDA | Mediterranean Design Association is an International Research and Training Center in Environmental Design. We perform, support and divulge research, design and educational activities in Environmental, Tourism, Creative and Service Design. The privileged subject of analyses and development are the elements that define environmental richness and the cultural matrix of the States surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. MDA develops, organizes and hosts research projects, seminars, and courses in cooperation with Universities and Public and Private Training Institutes.
The Italian Design Society, founded in 2014, aims to disseminate the Design culture, the advancement of studies and their valorisation in the scientific, educational, academic, social and civil spheres, the sharing of research results and the debate among practitioners of the discipline. It contributes to defining and promoting the cultural and scientific identity of Italian design. In particular: it promotes study and research activities on design in all its aspects, both nationally and internationally, also favouring forms of coordination between those who carry out basic and applied research; it collaborates with national, European and non-European organisations responsible for promoting, guiding and financing basic and applied scientific research; it defines of criteria for determining the scientific quality of research in design in all its aspects; it collaborates with similar organisations and associations to support contacts between scientific research in the field of design and the social, professional and productive reality, also related to the culture of Made in Italy; encourages the dissemination and deepening of design knowledge through the dissemination of books and papers, the organisation of workshops, conferences, as well as the annual meeting and the institution of research’s awards aimed at the progress of the discipline; it promotes the establishment of scientific and cultural networks, in particular by encouraging forms of collaboration with other design associations, bodies, institutions and scientific societies.
The Italian Society of Technology of Architecture (SITdA) was founded in 2007 in order to spread the culture of technology to institutions, companies and private associations through the development of a wide and inclusive network of experts, academics and experts in the field of Technology of Architecture, with the aim of connecting universities, professions and institutions. Through conferences, seminars, meetings, discussion forums and high-level scientific publishing, it supports research by providing resources for training and theoretical and applied studies. Thanks to the activities of the thematic Clusters, it provides specific and interdisciplinary expertise both by assisting institutions in implementing technological innovation processes in the construction industry and by contributing to identifying, developing and implementing normative processes and technical regulations. SITdA also encourages a multi and trans-disciplinary approach to research activities, promoting internationalisation and innovation in the construction field, enhancing excellence through prizes and scholarships and acting as a cultural reference for the scientific community in the area of Technology of Architecture.