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Posting date: 23/09/2020

RA | Revista de Arquitectura

ISSN (print): 1138-5596   |    ISSN (online): 2254-6332
Aims and Scope

Ra | Revista de Arquitectura is regarded as a forum for the expression of study results and academic debate concerning the key areas of interest in architecture and urban spaces that are inherent in the University vision by regarding them as cultural realities of undeniable importance and impact and as objects for careful consideration, study and research. It intended to serve as a channel, especially for the intellectual output of the Departments of Theory and History, Urban Design and Architectural Projects, although it is open to articles and contributions from other institutions. It fosters a perception of architecture that does not lose track of its cultural dimension by establishing just one limitation from the outset: avoiding the practice of publishing current projects and initiatives in the field of design and building.

Review process
The Journal adopts double-blind peer review process
English, Spanish
Architectural Design, Architectural Heritage, Architectural Renovation, Architectural Theory, Architectural Typology, Architecture, City, Conservation, Contemporary Architecture, Criticism, Cultural Heritage, Cultural Landscape, Design Methodology, Design Theory, Environmental Design, Garden Design, History of Architecture, Housing, Information Architecture, Interdisciplinary Approach, Land Use, Landscape, Methodology, Modeling, Natural Materials, Process Management, Project Tools, Public Spaces, Recycled Materials, Redevelopment, Rehabilitation, Representation, Restoration, Reuse, Simulation Tools, Smart Cities, Smart Tools, Sustainability, Sustainable Cities, Sustainable Development, Temporary Architecture, Theory, Traditional Architecture, Urban Development, Urban Landscapes, Urban Planning, Urban Regeneration, Urban Restoration, Urban Studies & Planning
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University of Navarra
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Jorge Tárrago Mingo
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