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Code: J51-2020-IJAEC
Posting date: 22/09/2020

International Journal of Architecture, Engineering and Construction

ISSN (print): 1911-110X   |    ISSN (online): 1911-1118
Aims and Scope

International Journal of Architecture, Engineering and Construction (IJAEC) is a scholarly peer-refereed journal that promotes scientific, technical and managerial advances as well as innovative implementations and applications in the three intertwined disciplines serving the needs of the built environment: Architecture, Engineering and Construction. IJAEC publishes original research papers, state-of-the-art review papers, novel industrial applications and insightful case studies in a broad scope of topics related to the three disciplines. IJAEC also provides an AEC Forum, an interactive platform for international business organizations, public agencies, civil societies and academia to disseminate and exchange information, and to discuss on various issues in architecture, engineering and construction.

Review process
The Journal adopts double-blind peer review process
Canada, China
Adaptive Façade, AEC Design Tools, Architectural Design, Architectural Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Materials, Augmented Reality, Automation, Big Data, Bio-based Materials, Biotechnology, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Building Technology, Civil Engineering, Climate Change, Construction Managements, Construction Technology, Digital Fabrication, Digital Modeling, Digital Project, Digital Representation, Digital Technologies, Energy Efficiency, Energy Production, Energy Retrofitting, Environmental Design, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Sustainability, Environmental Technologies, Green Buildings, Green Cities, Green Infrastructures, Green Materials, Human-computer Interface, ICT, Industry 4.0, Innovative Materials, Interdisciplinary Approach, Internet of Things (IoT), Landscape, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Machine Learning, Modeling, Natural Materials, Nature-based Solutions, Off-site Manufacturing, Parametric Design, Process Innovation, Process Management, Project Tools, Public Spaces, Recycled Materials, Redevelopment, Rehabilitation, Renewable Energy, Resilience, Simulation Tools, Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, Smart Grids, Smart Materials, Smart Tools, Sustainable Construction, Sustainable Development, Technological Design, Up-cycling, Urban Design, Urban Landscapes, Urban Planning, Urban Regeneration, Urban Restoration, Vegetation
First Published
International Association for Sustainable Development and Management (IASDM) and North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power
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Publishing date
March, June, September, December
Editor in Chief
Xueqing Zhang

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