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International Journal of Architectural Heritage

Conservation, Analysis, and Restoration

ISSN (print): 1558-3058    |    ISSN (online): 1558-3066
Aims and Scope
International Journal of Architectural Heritage  provides a multidisciplinary scientific overview of existing resources and modern technologies useful for the study and repair of historical buildings and other structures. The journal will include information on history, methodology, materials, survey, inspection, non-destructive testing, analysis, diagnosis, remedial measures, and strengthening techniques. Preservation of the architectural heritage is considered a fundamental issue in the life of modern societies. In addition to their historical interest, cultural heritage buildings are valuable because they contribute significantly to the economy by providing key attractions in a context where tourism and leisure are major industries in the 3rd millennium. The need of preserving historical constructions is thus not only a cultural requirement, but also an economical and developmental demand. The study of historical buildings and other structures must be undertaken from an approach based on the use of modern technologies and science. The final aim must be to select and adequately manage the possible technical means needed to attain the required understanding of the morphology and the structural behavior of the construction and to characterize its repair needs. Modern requirements for an intervention include reversibility, unobtrusiveness, minimum repair, and respect of the original construction, as well as the obvious functional and structural requirements. Restoration operations complying with these principles require a scientific, multidisciplinary approach that comprehends historical understanding, modern non-destructive inspection techniques, and advanced experimental and computer methods of analysis. Therefore, International Journal of Architectural Heritage covers the main aspects related to the study and repair of existing buildings, including: Issues on the history of construction and architectural technology; General criteria and methodology for study and intervention; Historical and traditional building techniques; Survey techniques; Non-destructive testing, inspection, and monitoring; Experimental results and laboratory testing; Analytical and numerical approaches; Innovative and traditional materials for repair and restoration; Innovative strategies and techniques for repair and restoration; General remedial measures; Repair and strengthening of structures; Seismic behavior and retrofitting, Detailed and state-of-the-art case studies, including truly novel developments. The main objective is to provide an overview of existing resources useful for the rigorous and scientifically based study of the state of ancient structures and to present state-of-the-art novel research in the field. The journal will publish review papers, research papers, and detailed case studies. Interdisciplinary contributions will be highly appreciated.
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The Journal adopts double-blind peer review process
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Architectural Heritage, Architectural Technology, Architecture, Clean Technologies, Conservation, Cultural Heritage, Cultural Landscape, Cultural Tourism, Data Analysis Processes, Data Sensing and Analysis, Design Methodology, Digital Technologies, Enabling Technologies, Historical Masonry, History, History of Architecture, Innovation, Innovative Approaches, Innovative Materials, Innovative Technologies, Interdisciplinary Approach, Materials, Methodology, Methods for Diagnostics, Monitoring, Nondestructive Tests, Preservation, Recovery, Rehabilitation, Restoration, Retrofitting, Testing, Traditional Architecture, Traditional Construction Materials, Traditional Techniques
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