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Cement and Concrete Composites

ISSN (print): 0958-9465   |    ISSN (online): 1873-393X
Aims and Scope

Cement and Concrete Composites is designed to reflect current developments and advances being made in the general field of cement-concrete composites technology and in the production, use, and performance of cement-based construction materials. The word cement is interpreted in a wide sense, including not only Portland cement but also blended cements and other binding materials. In addition to novel aspects of conventional concrete materials, the journal covers a wide range of composite materials such as fiber-reinforced cement composites, polymer cement composites, polymer impregnated composites, ferrocement, and cement composites containing special aggregate inclusions or waste materials. Original papers dealing with microstructure (as it relates to engineering properties), material properties, testing and test methods, fracture mechanics, durability aspects, composite mechanics/technology, modelling, design, fabrication and practical applications of these materials form the major themes of the journal. Provided there is sufficient linkage to properties defined at the material scale, papers concerning the behavior of structural components and systems, in situ performance, and field studies will also be accepted for review, as well as those concerning the repair and maintenance, serviceability behavior, and sustainability of structures made with these materials. The journal has within the above context several specific objectives. It wants to foster a better understanding of construction materials, provide a forum for unusual and unconventional materials, encourage the development of low cost energy saving materials and bridge the gap between materials science, engineering performance, environmental effects, in situ behavior, design/service life and construction. It is the intention of the journal to also publish special issues devoted to topics of current or emerging interest. The journal aims to provide a unifying basis for collaboration between materials scientists, engineers, designers and fabricators.

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The Journal adopts double-blind peer review process
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