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Posting date: 15/03/2021

African and Mediterranean Journal of Architecture and Urbanism

ISSN (online): 2665-7953
Aims and Scope

African and Mediterranean Journal of Architecture and Urbanism (AMJAU) is part of the continuity of the action plan undertaken by the Deputy Directorate in charge of Research and the Center tor Doctoral Studies “Architecture and associated disciplines” of the Ecole Nationale d’Architecture de Rabat, Morocco. This contribution is the product of the combined efforts of the scientific committee and the management of the School and the entire teaching team of doctoral studies in architecture as well as the authors and co-authors. This initiative is considered as a new fruitful collaboration and a commitment between the journal AMJAU of the National School of Architecture of Rabat and the National Center tor Scientific and Technical Research (IMIST), through the posting of this international journal at reading committee, specializing in publishing research activities carried out in the field of architecture and urbanism and in related disciplines.
AMJAU aims to encourage scientific research, to promote the exchange of knowledge related to the themes: History, theory and criticism of architecture; Epistemological and methodological foundations of architecture; Composition and/or modeling of the architectural and urban project; Sustainability in architecture and urbanism. AMJAU’s target community is made up of researchers, professors, PhD students and professionals working in the field of architecture and urbanism and related disciplines. The journal also aims to promote scientific articles and productions at African, Mediterranean, Regional and international levels.

Review process
The Journal adopts double-blind peer review process
Arabic, English, Français
Adaptation Strategies, Adaptive Façade, Archaeological Heritage, Architectural Design, Architectural Heritage, Architectural Renovation, Architectural Technology, Architectural Typology, Art, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Materials, Augmented Reality, Biomaterials, Biomimicry, Building Technology, Buildings, Chemical & Material Sciences, City, Civil Engineering, Climate Change, Co-Design, Computer Graphics, Conservation, Crafts, Design & Arts, Creative Design, Criticism, Cultural Heritage, Design, Design Methodology, Design Theory, Digital Fabrication, Digital Modeling, Digital Project, Digital Technologies, Digitalization, Drawing, Ecology, Energy Efficiency, Energy Retrofitting, Enjoyment, Environment, Environmental & Geological Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Sustainability, Garden Design, Generative Design, Graphic Design, Green Buildings, Green Cities, Green Infrastructures, Green Materials, Green Product, Green Public Procurement, Handicraft, Health & Wellbeing, Higher Education, History of Architecture, History of Art, History of Design, Human-computer Interface, ICT, Inclusive Design, Industrial Design, Information Architecture, Innovation, Innovative Materials, Innovative Technologies, Interdisciplinary Approach, Land Use, Landscape, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Materials, Mobility, Natural Materials, Nature-based Solutions, Packaging Design, Parametric Design, Process Innovation, Process Management, Product Design, Product Innovation, Project Tools, Public Spaces, Recovery, Recycled Materials, Redevelopment, Rehabilitation, Renewable Energy, Representation, Resilience, Reuse, Robotics, SDGs 2030, Service Innovation, Simulation Tools, Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, Smart Design, Smart Grids, Smart Infrastructure, Smart Materials, Strategic Design, Sustainability, Sustainable Cities, Sustainable Construction, Sustainable Development, Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Materials, Systemic Architecture, Systemic Design, Technological Design, Temporary Architecture, Tools, Typography, Urban Design, Urban Development, Urban Landscapes, Urban Planning, Urban Regeneration, Urban Restoration, Urban Studies & Planning, Urban Vegetation, User Experience Design, Virtual Reality, Visual Design, Waste Management, Waste Recovery
First Published
Khalid El Harrouni | Ecole Nationale d'Architecture de Rabat, IMIST-CNRST
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June, December
Scientific Director
Aziz M. Ouahabi
Editor in Chief
Khalid El Harrouni
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