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Code: J62-2020-ACE
Posting date: 23/09/2020

ACE | Architecture, City and Environment

ISSN (online): 1886-4805
Aims and Scope

Architecture, City and Environment is the name, whose three words reflect the open spirit of this journal dedicated to the study, from the broadest perspective of human habitat, both in its macro and micro levels, as well in its technological and social sense. ACE is a window for the diffusion of the different disciplines that carry out the architectural, urbanistic and territorial investigations. It is open to new study approaches and designed to disseminate the results in the languages that are familiar to us and that, without forgetting English, we must strengthen. ACE will be spreaded by especialized media diffusion (Universities, Investigation centers, I+D enterprise departments, etc.) of advanced investigations in the following fields: Architectonic and urban heritage: Restoration, rehabilitation and intervention of architectonic and urban heritage. Urban History: Historical evolution analysis of cities, of its physical, economic, social, cultural transformations. Principles and methods evolution for urban planning and land and urban management. Urban and land studies: Urban and land structure analysis. Cities system and metropolitan areas. Urbanization and building models and morphologies. Planning and land and city management: Land and urban planning, urban management and planning execution. Land politics and housing: Landuse, generation and recovering of plusvalues, housing planning and social integral housing, etc.

Review process
The Journal adopts double-blind peer review process
English, Français, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
Architecture, Big Data, Business, Economics & Management, Circular Economy, City, Climate Change, Development Economics, Digitalization, Ecology, Environment, Environmental Design, Environmental Sustainability, Green Infrastructures, Green Mobility, Health & Wellbeing, ICT, Innovation, Interdisciplinary Approach, Internet of Things (IoT), Land Use, Landscape, Mobility, Open-source, Process Innovation, Project Tools, Public Spaces, Redevelopment, Resilience, SDGs 2030, Service Innovation, Simulation Tools, Smart Cities, Sustainability, Sustainable Development, Tools, Urban Design, Urban Landscapes, Urban Planning, Urban Regeneration, Urban Restoration, Urban Studies & Planning, Urban Vegetation, User Experience Design
First Published
UPC | Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya
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February, June, October
Scientific Director
Josep Roca Cladera
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ACE journal does not charge for publishing articles. Nevertheless, its operation requires that each article accepted for publication make a payment, for editing and revision of editorial style, according to the following conditions:
– Fee 0: Articles by invitation of the editorial board. Articles derived from special sections coordinated by invited editors are not included in this category;
– Fee 1: Articles in the thesis section; articles whose main author is affiliated to the UPC; articles whose main author comes from a developing country, according to group 4 (Low-income economies) by the world Bank Country classification;
– Fee 2: Other articles.
For the accepted articles, from August 1, 2019, the amount of rate 1 is 200 euros (plus VAT) and the rate 2 is 300 euros (plus VAT) to be paid by bank transfer, once the article will be finally accepted and before entering a waiting list for its publication.
People who, from May 1, 2020, have carried out peer-review of articles in ACE, complying with the rigor in the evaluation, as well as within 30 days, and the forms, will receive a 10% cumulative bonus, to be applicable in 2 years, from the date the review is sent.