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Quaderni di Architettura e Design
ISSN (print): 2611-4437
Topics: Architectural Design, Architectural Heritage, Architectural Renovation, Architectural Theory, Architectural Typology, Architecture, Augmented Reality, Building Information Modelling (BIM), City, Conservation, Contemporary Architecture, Criticism, Cultural Heritage, Cultural Landscape, Design, Design Methodology, Design Theory, Digital Fabrication, Digital Modeling, Digital Project, Digital Representation, Higher Education, History of Architecture, Housing, ICT, Inclusive Design, Industrial Design, Industry 4.0, Innovation, Innovative Materials, Interdisciplinary Approach, Internet of Things (IoT), Land Use, Landscape, Materials, Methodology, Modeling, Modern Architecture, Natural Materials, Nature-based Solutions, Off-site Manufacturing, Parametric Design, Process Innovation, Process Management, Product Design, Product Innovation, Production, Project Tools, Public Spaces, Recycled Materials, Redevelopment, Rehabilitation, Representation, Reuse, Simulation Tools, Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, Smart Design, Smart Grids, Sustainable Cities, Sustainable Construction, Sustainable Design, Sustainable Development, Sustainable Materials, Technological Design, Theory, Traditional Architecture, Traditional Techniques, Urban Regeneration, Urban Studies & Planning, User Experience Design, Virtual Reality
Language: English, Français, Italian
Country: Italy

Publisher: Dipartimento di Scienze dell'Ingegneria Civile e dell'Architettura | Politecnico di Bari