Code: J102-2020-NM

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ISSN (online): 2079-4991
Topics: Artificial Materials, Bioengineering, Biotechnology, Chemical & Material Sciences, Industry 4.0, Innovation, Innovative Materials, Interdisciplinary Approach, Materials, Nanotechnology, Nature-based Solutions, Product Innovation, Sustainable Materials
Language: English
Country: Switzerland

Publisher: MDPI
Code: J163-2021-N

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ISSN (print): 0028-0836    |    ISSN (online): 1476-4687
Topics: Advanced Materials, Aerospace Engineering, Agricultural Systems, Air Pollution, Anthropogenic Impacts, Anthropology, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Materials, Automation, Autonomous Systems, Bio-based Materials, Biodiversity, Bioenergy, Bioengineering, Biomass, Biomaterials, Biotechnology, Case Studies, Chemical & Material Sciences, Clean Energy, Clean Technologies, Climate Change, Digital Technologies, Ecology, Ecosystems, Energy Production, Environment, Food Systems, Geothermal, Green Materials, Health & Wellbeing, Health Emergency, Health Risk, Hydrogen Energy, ICT, Innovation, Innovative Applications, Innovative Approaches, Innovative Materials, Innovative Techniques, Innovative Technologies, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Materials, Methodology, Nanomaterials, Nanotechnology, Natural Environment, Natural Materials, Nature, Organic Materials, Process Innovation, Product Innovation, Recycled Materials, Recycling, Renewable Energy, Renewable Resources, Smart Materials, Sustainability, Sustainable Development, Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Materials, Vegetation, Ventilation Systems, Waste Recovery, Water, Water Resources Engineering
Language: English
Country: United Kingdom

Publisher: Springer Nature
Code: J164-2021-NNJ

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Nexus Network Journal

Architecture and Mathematics
ISSN (print): 1590-5896    |    ISSN (online): 1522-4600
Topics: AEC Design Tools, Architectural Design, Architectural Theory, Architecture, Complex Systems, Computational Methods, Computing Systems, Design Theory, Digital Representation, Generative Design, Landscape, Parametric Design, Project Tools, Representation, Simulation Tools, Smart Tools, Tools, Urban Design
Language: English
Country: United States Of America

Publisher: Kim Williams Books