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Harvard Design Magazine

ISSN (print): 1093-4421    |    ISSN (online): 1536-0113
Topics: AEC Design Tools, Anthropology, Architectural Design, Architectural Heritage, Architectural Renovation, Architectural Theory, Architectural Typology, Architecture, Art, Built Environment, Case Studies, Circular Economy, City, Construction 4.0, Contemporary Architecture, Criticism, Cultural Heritage, Cultural Landscape, Design, Design Methodology, Design Theory, Digital Project, Enhancement, Enjoyment, Environmental Design, Environmental Sustainability, Future Developments, Good Practices, Green Buildings, Green Cities, Green Economy, Health & Wellbeing, Housing, Human-centered Design, ICT, Industry 4.0, Information Architecture, Innovation, Innovative Applications, Innovative Approaches, Interdisciplinary Approach, Internet of Things (IoT), Landscape, Methodology, Modern Architecture, Parametric Design, Project Management, Project Tools, Public Spaces, Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, Smart Tools, Sustainable Cities, Sustainable Construction, Sustainable Development, Urban Areas, Urban Design, Urban Development, Urban Landscapes, Urban Regeneration, Urban Studies & Planning
Language: English
Country: United States Of America

Publisher: Harvard Graduate School of Design
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ISSN (online): 2571-9408
Topics: Archaeological Heritage, Architectural Heritage, Architectural Renovation, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Materials, Augmented Reality, Bio-based Materials, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Co-Design, Conservation, Conservation Process, Criticism, Cultural Heritage, Digital Modeling, Environmental Sustainability, Innovative Materials, Internet of Things (IoT), Landscape, Materials, Modeling, Monitoring, Nanotechnology, Natural Materials, Process Management, Redevelopment, Rehabilitation, Resilience, Restoration, Reuse, Simulation Tools, Sustainable Development, Theory, Tools, Urban Regeneration, Urban Restoration, Virtual Reality
Language: English
Country: Switzerland

Publisher: MDPI